When: October 14, 2017

Where: Willow Hill Reservoir Cross Country Course – Folsom (Adjacent to Folsom High School)

Volunteer Position Description:

  1. Announcer: Announces race finishers and makes race “calls” and announcements during the meet. Number required: 1 volunteer all day.
  2. Announcer Assistants: Sits by Announcer and relays messages, results; keeps spectators at a distance. Provides breaks to announcer.
  3. Chip Collectors: Collect the timing chips from coaches at team check out.
  4. Course Monitors: Direct athletes as necessary at critical points on the 3200M (3.2K), and 5,000M (5K) courses. Need one (1) parent or student volunteer not competing on mountain bike to lead first runner through the course and trail last runner to the finish. Number required: 20 volunteers (10 volunteers in two [2] shifts).
  5. Course Spotters: Positioned at various locations on the course to identify race leaders for announcer. Number required: 2 volunteers all day; or 4 volunteers (2 volunteers in two [2] shifts). (students encouraged to volunteer for this position)
  6. Finish Line Timers: We have two (2) races running on the course simultaneously. As such, we need two (2) sets of two (2) timers ([4] total) to time at the finish line. One set will be the primary timers and the other set of timers will serve as the back-up timers. We will provide the timing equipment. Number required: 4 volunteers (all day).
  7. Finish Line Marshals and Individual Awards: Make sure that runners keep moving through the chute in their appropriate finish order. Assist runners in the “finish chute”. Provide top runners with medals as they leave the finish chute. Number required: 12 volunteers (6 volunteers in two [2] shifts).
  8. Finish Line Water Station: Hand out water to runners at the finish line and make sure water containers are full. 4 volunteers (2 volunteers in two [2] shifts)—younger siblings often helpful here.
  9. Finish Tag Scorers: Remove (obtain) identification tags from the runners and put onto “finish tag holders”. At completion of race, take “finish tag holders” to scoring area. Number required: 3-4 volunteers.
  10. Floater: Placed as needed and provide bathroom breaks for others.
  11. Photographers: Takes photos for BV website and advertising. Upload photos after meet. Number required: 1-2 volunteers.
  12. Refreshment Coordinator(s): Purchases (or organizes bake-a-thon for donations) and organizes selling of refreshments (e.g., doughnuts, baked goods, juices) at the meet. Number required: 2 volunteers. Number required: 1-2 volunteers.
  13. Refreshment Sales: Sells refreshments (e.g.; doughnuts, baked goods, juices) at the meet. Number required: 6-8 volunteers (3-4 volunteers in two [2] shifts).
  14. School Check-In: Check in schools before meet begins. Determines cost per school based on number of athletes (teams) participating using pre-developed (by Coach U) EXCEL spreadsheet. Collects entry fees from coaches and marks paid. Number required: 2 volunteers.
  15. Scorers Assistant: Assist Coach Unterholzner in compiling team scoring using HYTEK program. Duplicate results and post in “Results Area”. Number required: 2 volunteers.
  16. Set-Up/Clean-Up: Assist the coaches in setting up equipment for the meet and cleaning up the areas used after the completion of the meet. This does not include the restrooms – we are paying Folsom High School for this service. Number required: 6-8 volunteers Friday before meet; 6-8 prior to the meet on Saturday; and 4-6 for clean-up/take-down
  17. Starting Line Coordinator: Determines at starting line prior to race whether teams and individuals have the appropriate race tags and determine number of athletes in each race. Take this information to the Finish Line Area after the start of each race. Number required: 1 volunteer.
  18. Team Awards: Team plaques are given out in the lower classroom near the finish line (where the kids make their team camp and the scoring of the meet is done). We need a parent to give out the plaques to the winning coaches when the results for that race have been posted.
  19. Volunteer Coordinator: Prior to meet, ensure key positions are filled by qualified individuals; check sign-up genius to ensure positions are being filled. Requires 1 boys’ team parent and 1 girls’ team parent. On meet day makes sure that all of the positions signed up for are actually filled; assigns floaters to positions for breaks; checks on volunteers’ needs.