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The BV Coaching staff advises that no matter what happens to the 2020 season you should remain active just in case we do resume meets. If our season is over continuing to workout on your own is a great way to keep you motivated for next year. See our training philosophy below and follow the links above to get started on your workouts next week!

Training Factors: These are the areas that you will need to develop on your own to improve yourself (more content will be added as we progress):

  1. Speed - This factor is simply teaching your body to run faster and has a relationship to technique (see technique below). Developing speed consists of Speed Work (SW - sprinting 100 meters or less in training), Speed Endurance (SE - sprinting 100 to 150 meters), Special Endurance 1 (SE1 - 150 to 300 meters) and Special Endurance 2 (SE2 - 300 to 600 meters). The speed factor's four elements should be trained every week of the year with one being emphasized
  2. Strength - This is something that is usually developed in the weight room or at a gym (home or public) but since most public gyms are closed for the foreseeable future we are going to give you links to strength training workouts you can do on your own with little to no equipment. In this training factor you will be trying to develop strength that enables you to apply more force to the ground.
  3. Power - Also called plyometrics (bounding or medicine ball exercises) - In this factor we are tying to combine the strength we develop in the weight room with the speed and quickness of each specific movement that we use in our events. Like speed training we can also learn specific event technique (see technique below) through plyometric exercises.
  4. Flexability - This is the easiest factor to develop especially on your own in isolation. Most of this development happens during your warm up session which we do before the main workout session but can also be done when you are watching a movie on Netflix!
  5. Technique - There are many different technical considerations for each event group that we compete in. We will be adding content for each group as we progress but for now we will concentrate on the technical aspects developed through speed and power training. To begin we will attempt to focus on technical models we have already created and develop them through the dynamic warm up and plyometric excersises we have been doing.
  6. Endurance - Since you are stuck at home you are not getting the same daily movement you would at school so it is important to keep your cardio fitness up by doing an activity preferably in the morning.
  7. Mental or Psychological Factor - This may be the most important one because of the difficulty of staying resilient and focused during this long time off from your normal organized school practice. We will be adding some mental toughness training to this board as we progess.