Event Choices: High School track and field in California consists of 17 standard events for both boys and girls.  On the track we run the 100 meters, 200 m, 400 m, 800 m, 1600 m, 3200 m, 100 m hurdles (girls), 110 m hurdles (boys), 300 m hurdles, 4 x 100 meter relay, 4 x 400 meter relay, and 4 x 800 meter relay.  The field events we compete in are the high jump, long jump, triple jump, pole vault, shot put, and discus. In some weekend meets we may compete in additional relays that include the 4 x 200, 4 x 1600, sprint medley relay, distance medley relay, and shuttle hurdles.

Governing Bodies: High school sports in California are governed by the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) which oversees 10 sections of varying sizes throughout the state. Our area is governed by the Sac Joaquin Section (SJS), which for track and field is broken down into five divisions based on school enrollment size. Bella Vista is a member of the Capital Valley Conference (CVC), a SJS Division 2 league and one of dozens of leagues in the SJS. The CVC consists of seven schools each of which field a track and field team that competes in CVC competition.

Classifications (Levels of Competition): We compete in varsity competition (Juniors and Seniors) and frosh/soph competition (Freshmen and Sophomores) for both boys and girls. Under special circumstances some freshmen or sophomores can be moved up to varsity.

Season Schedule: Pre-season conditioning begins in mid January signaling the start of what is known as the "dead period" where we will be allowed to condition but not use equipment. The official season begins the first week of February with competition beginning at the end of February. The frosh/soph division completes their season at the CVC Finals in early May. The varsity team members have the opportunity to qualify to the post season from the CVC Finals. From the CVC Finals athletes can qualifty to the SJS Division 2 meet then to the SJS Masters meet and finally to the CIF State meet. Click for season schedule.

Track Meet Formats: Thoughout the course of the season we will be competing in several types of meets some of which all team members will compete and some only selected members. Team members will be informed as to which meets they will compete in the week prior. If an athlete is unsure if they will be competing in an upcoming meet simply ask a coach or check the entries for that weeks meet/s on the announcements page. Types of meets we will be competing in:

  1. CVC competition consists of three Wednesday meets and the CVC prelims and finals. These meets are catagorized as "All" meaning that all members of the team will compete in them.
  2. Our weekend meets (invitationals) are usually (but not always) catagorized as "EL" meaning the meets have entry limitations for each event. This means we get a limited number of entries in each event. Who competes in these meets is the coach's discretion.
  3. A few of the meets are for distance runners only (800m, 1600m and 3200m runnners) and are designated by a "D" on the season schedule. Distance only meets have, for the most part, no entry limits so all of our runners can usually attend.
  4. There is one meet that we attend that is for sprinters (100m, 200m, 400m) and hurdlers only and shows a "S/H" on our schedule. BV is the host of this meet so we allow "All" of our sprinters and hurdlers to enter.
  5. There is another meet on our schedule that only has field events which is designated by the letter "F". I would catagorize this meet as a "Q" meet (see number six below) but usually all of our field event competitors can compete.
  6. Finally some of our team members will compete in meets that they must qualify for which shows as a "Q" on our season schedule. These meets are usually for varsity athletes only.

You can view our season schedule page to see which meets fit into the above catagories by using the key provided on the page.

Meet Event Limits: By rule you can compete in no more than 4 events (including relays) in a single meet.

Track Meet Schedules/Order of Events: The length of a track meet can vary depending on how many schools are attending or the meet's format. Because of this we post estimated time schedules/order of events for each meet along with essential meet information on our announcements page each week.

Transportation to Away Meets: For CVC away meets held on Wednesdays we usually receive a bus for those who can't drive themselves or secure a ride in a private vehicle. These buses are "drop off" buses meaning they will take team members to the meet and then leave. This means that bus riders must secure their own ride home from the meet. Bus sign ups are "first come, first served" and can always be found on our announcements page. For weekend meets each athlete must provide their own transportation as they will be leaving from their own homes.